Greeting. Thank you very much for visiting our website. Our company first started operations in 1900 when my great-grandfather Hidetaro Kirihara was the recipient of an unforgettable act of goodwill on the part of Soichiro Asano, the first president of Asano Cement. Products manufactured by our company in those times consisted of western-style barrels, but we moved into producing paper bags, plastic bags, and cardboard together with the changing times so as to remain on the path of supplying packing containers to the public, overcoming the devastation caused by the A-bomb as well as the ebb and flow of the economy along the way to our current business operations. At Kirihara Container, we aim to be true, in both intent and action, to the motto that Hidetaro had: Dedication and Effort. Through our business as a manufacturer of packing and packaging materials, we are moving forward securely, carefully and in a modest manner in order to repay the favor of patronage of our customers and promote the development of our beloved Hiroshima.