This page introduces the main products of Kirihara Container.

General-use Cardboard Special-use Cardboard
Photo of general-use cardboard
This is cardboard used for moving or shopping in the office or at home. Cardboard for general use in various locations and scenarios must also have a certain level of quality. The biggest requirement is that it has the strength and resistance to thoroughly protect the packed products or items. Cardboard printed with a logo, an area for showing indications, or similar features can be used to provide a more functional packing product.
Photo of special-use cardboard
Special-use cardboard is the main type of product at Kirihara Container. One example is packing cardboard to match large automobile parts. We design boxes to match the shipping conditions and requirements of our customers, and then select the optimal materials to manufacture cardboard boxes and other products that are very safe and secure with excellent cost-performance. Our cardboard products for grouped and heavy-item packing have received high praise from our customers.
• Cardboard cases          • Partitions
• Poster cases (tube-shaped cases)  • Pads, etc.
• Document cases
• Grouped packing • Heavy-item packing
• Shaped packing 
• Corrugated cardboard (composite material), etc.
Other Cardboard Polyethylene Products, Kraft Paper Bags, Etc.
Photo of other cardboard
We manufacture cardboard products that match our customers' needs such as one-touch cases that can be assembled without tape and used multiple times. We can also produce paper pallets that match the required size of a container or similar shipping vehicle. The legs of our pallets are made using recycled paper to be environmental friendly.
Photo of oversize paper bags, polyethylene products, etc.
Other genres of products from Kirihara Container include the production of oversize paper bags and polyethylene bags. We use materials that are appropriate for the item being put into the bags, such as food, fertilizer, or chemicals, to produce high-quality bag products that are strong, durable, and provide the necessary preservative performance. Size and design can be freely selected. Feel free to consult with us at any time.
• One-touch cases
• Cardboard pallets
• Bin boxes (cases to store parts used on shelves), etc.
• Small-item cases (removable cases), etc.
• Heavy-duty polyethylene bags, special films
• Kraft paper bags