We'll explain it in comic strip form! Steps in the creation of an original cardboard product.

From Order to Product Delivery. We can provide any product you want!!
1. Inquiry and Order
First, feel free to give us a telephone call. We listen carefully to the requirements of our customers.
2. Meeting
We discuss the use, desired strength, and similar requirements while looking at some products to be packed.
3. Design and Development
We create design drawings to match the product, and select the optimal material, thickness, and other specifications.
4. Proposals and Checking
We create the actual product and have the customer check it. We can propose changes until the customer is satisfied.
5. Gluing Together of Cardboard
We glue sheets together using Kirihara's own sheet production machine. Creating the cardboard from sheets within our company allows us to produce high-quality original cardboard products.
6. Box Forming
Sheets are cut out as based on the design drawings.
7. Shipping
The time finally comes to ship out the cardboard product that was created together with the customer.
8. Customer Use
Try out Kirihara cardboard to discover its strengths for yourself.