Our employees share their thoughts!
Different aspects of Kirihara Container.


When do you feel your job is rewarding?

When we receive a positive evaluation from a user with strict deadline and quality requirements. This makes all of the factory floor workers very happy.(Group Leader) When, under pressure, a prototype that we made is approved and I see that the product has been delivered to the customer.(Design)

Where does Kirihara Container excel above all others?

In general, I would say our "youthful energy"! When there is no time from when an order is placed until the delivery deadline, the ability and desire of our workers to join together to get the job done certainly exceeds anywhere else.(Production)

What is your dream for the future?

Since the founding of the company, we have experienced many innovations that I think are the reason we exist today. In the future, I'd like to grow personally together with the company so that people say, "If you need cardboard, then you have to use Kirihara Container in Hiroshima."(Group Leader)

What work memory most stands out in your mind?

When I gave up a Sunday off to repair some machinery because it had to be ready for work on Monday and the work could be done on the following day.(Maintenance) Everything we have made up until now! We never make the same thing twice and always create a new prototype from scratch.(Design)

What is the atmosphere like in the office?

The number of young employees has increased, so it's full of cheerful energy and liveliness.(Office) On the one hand, it's a very at-home atmosphere, but when we are busy, there's quite a bit of tension and every one demonstrates really incredible capabilities.(Production)